Jenna Jameson is mistaken

Jenna Jameson

On her MySpace blog, Jenna Jameson attributes her easy birth to the 500 daily sit ups she did. She was only in labor for 2 hours and according to the former pornstar, “I wa able to push my 5 pound Jesse out in 5 pushes. Journey who was 4lb 11oz was out in 3 pushes.”

Allow me to state the obvious. It wasn’t the 500 sit ups that gave her an easy labor, it was the 2,000 penises she had in her throughout her career. The Grand Canyon probably takes it’s kids to visit Jenna Jameson’s vagina every year.

Five pushes and then three? With that much force, it’s a miracle Jesse and Journey didn’t launch out of her uterus and into the wall like a pair of darts.

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