Katie Price is a good mother

Katie Price, the big breasted English reality tv sensation (is sensation the right word?), went back to the UK to visit friends in her hometown. This included spending Mother’s Day eve in a drunken stupor and ending the night passed out over a table in an all-night cafe in Brighton. Just in time for actual Mother’s Day!

The model, who now writes her own children’s books, spent the Saturday night partying with three friends at the Oceana nightclub where they downed champagne and cocktails.

At one point she climbed into the DJ booth and began slurring down the microphone, ‘Hello Brighton! I love you all, this is my hometown and I love it here!’

At 4am, the group left looking bleary-eyed and headed to 24-hour seafront cafe, Buddies, to continue the festivities.

Customers looked on in shock as she reportedly began throwing food at her friends.

An onlooker said: ‘She looked totally out of it. She could barely stand up when she was in the cafe. By the very end, she had stopped drinking and asked the waiter to bring her a hot chocolate.

‘She left some money for a tip but it was literally about 10p, despite being a millionaire. She would have had a huge hangover on Mother’s Day and I imagine spent a lot of time recovering in bed.’

Did I read that correctly? Katie Price writes children’s books? What life lessons can she possibly teach kids? Beer before liquor makes the panties come off quicker? That the fastest way to get what you want is to get double D’s and pose topless? Reading her book is like giving a 10 year old birth control. Yea, the message is there, but it’s six years too soon.

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