Kelly McGills is a proud lesbian

kelly mcgills top gun

Kelly McGills, Charlotte Blackwood in Top Gun and most recently Colonel Gillian Davis in The L Word, finally came out of the closet and announced that is is indeed a lesbian. She’s also had enough of the penis.

In no uncertain terms McGillis responded that what she is looking for is “definitely a woman.” McGillis, a long-rumored lesbian who starred on The L Word as a closeted Army Colonel trying a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell case added that she is “done with the man thing.” She said she is “done with that, and needs to move on in life, and that’s another part of being true to yourself.” It has been a challenge personally for her, she added.

Asked for comment, Tom Cruise in a strained whisper asked Kelly, “Heeey, what happened to our secret pact?!”

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