Kendra Wilkinson didn’t know how to mail a letter

Kendra Wilkinson has been sheltered for most of her life. She hasn’t had to do anything on her own. This includes mailing her own letters and probably cutting her own steak.

“The first time I mailed something on my own, like a couple of months ago, I didn’t put a stamp on it!” Wilkinson, 23, reveals exclusively to Celebuzz. “My mom, she was like, ‘Are you serious? You didn’t put a stamp on your f*cking mail?’ I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ve never been on my own before, how am I supposed to know?'”

Let’s be honest. Kendra isn’t the smartest girl out there. Her resume is basically “I flash my breasts” copy and pasted 100 times to fill up the page. Her past jobs include “Having picture taken while flashing breasts” and “Becoming engaged to an NFL player. As a direct result of flashing my breasts.” She probably only knows what the post office is because she flashed her breasts there one time and saw a bunch of envelopes. [Celebuzz]

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