Lady GaGa knows how to get your attention

lady gaga see through 01

Lady GaGa strolled down London wearing a see-through dress with black X’s taped over her nipples, her hair in a bow and taking pictures of the paparazzi. “What a statement!” That’s what I would say if I knew what point Lady GaGa was trying to make. Until I figure it out, I’ll just have to settle for, “What a retard!”

lady gaga see through 01lady gaga see through 02lady gaga see through 03lady gaga see through 04lady gaga see through 05

  • Nate Fanfare

    Like Dr. Dre? Or Dr. Teeth? Or Dr. John?

  • Atomic Rat

    Why do the squirrels who make a bunch of money for doing basically nothing then have to turn into some spiritual quackery bullshit like this? And women are the fucking worst.

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