Lauren Conrad already done with “The Hills”, pre-filmed facial expressions

This will be the last season of The Hills for Lauren Conrad and she’s already finished filming the small stuff, an accomplishment she celebrated at Beso last month. All she needed to do now was film the major stuff that takes up 90% of the show. This could be done in a small room with just her and a camera.

“The producers would make Lauren react to a lot of potential scenarios, because they’re not yet sure how the finale will play out with the other characters,” says our source. “They would literally give her directions like, ‘Now react to Stephanie Pratt being pregnant!’ Lauren would just giggle and go for it. She also had to pretend to react to a fake story line about Audrina and Brody hooking up.”

A rep for MTV, who probably has never seen an episode of The Hills, denies this and says it would be impossible to cut a show off of pre-taped reactions. Kidding aside, the rep has a point. They need five takes for Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge to eat a salad and five takes for them to walk and talk at the same time without tripping over their feet. Most people don’t know that The Hills is actually filmed two years in advance because of the amount of time it takes them to get a good shot of Lauren acting surprised. She always gets that emotion confused with constipated.

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