Lauren Conrad is out promoting “The Hills”

lauren conrad bikini 08

With the premiere of final seasons of The Hills tonight, MTV needed to drum up some publicity. A good way to do that is to force the star of the show into a bikini and onto the beach. Ergo, here’s Lauren walking around Malibu with some type of mongoloid. I think he may be retarded actually. It’s like he’s never seen a camera before and Lauren is standing there worried he might run to attack it. In moments like this, I always beat my retards down with a Geinko stick. Geinko. The only retard beating stick you will ever need. (This message paid for by the Geinko stick company.)

lauren conrad bikini 01lauren conrad bikini 02lauren conrad bikini 03lauren conrad bikini 04lauren conrad bikini 05lauren conrad bikini 06lauren conrad bikini 07lauren conrad bikini 08lauren conrad bikini 09lauren conrad bikini 10

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