Lindsay Lohan back to men

lindsay lohan optometry 11

Some people mope around the house when dumped, some people drink their sorrows away and others, like Lindsay Lohan, have sex with as many men as they can. Page Six reports that Lohan has been with a different guy every night. The most recent being Kellan Lutz from 90210 and a British photog named Chris Jepson. Jepson is said to have spent quality time nailing Lohan in a bathroom at a party last week.

Friends are concerned that Lindsay is going to have a meltdown ala Britney Spears because not only is she suffering through a break-up, she’s broke and unable to find a job.

If you’ve ever dreamed of banging Lindsay Lohan, now is a good time. She’s as vulnerable as ever. Combine that with her daddy issues and you could probably sleep with her by just waving at her.

Here’s some photos of Lindsay at an optometry store. Oh and she’s skinny again. Her arms couldn’t even be used as a toothpick.

lindsay lohan optometry 01lindsay lohan optometry 02lindsay lohan optometry 03lindsay lohan optometry 04lindsay lohan optometry 05lindsay lohan optometry 06lindsay lohan optometry 07lindsay lohan optometry 09lindsay lohan optometry 10lindsay lohan optometry 11

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