Lindsay Lohan might do a topless strip show

Lindsay Lohan is poor, unemployable and talentless, but she’s young, reasonably hot and has big tits. Hence, like many girls with these same qualities, she’s thinking about starring in a topless Vegas show.

Sources say Lindsay flew to Sin City over the weekend to meet Jerry Mitchell, the producer of Kelly Monaco and Mel B.’s Peepshow, to discuss taking over Monaco’s role when she leaves. Later on she was spotted at club Prive knocking back Vodka cranberries.

“People forget that she (Lohan) is a “triple threat” — she can act and sing and dance,” said our source. “She feels that this would really revitalize her career and give her some serious theater cred.”

The “Mean Girl” was even overheard gushing to Mel B. as they headed to the after-party at Planet Hollywood’s Prive nightclub about how much she loved the provocative production and how much she trusts Mitchell to direct her in an on-stage striptease.

“If they make me an offer, and the money’s right, I’ll do it,” Lohan reportedly said.

The only threat Lindsay poses is passing out drunk before she gets naked. Trust me. It’s hard to screw up taking your top off while wobbling around on stage, but Lindsay will find a way. Like, instead of doing that, she’ll stumble on stage wasted and ask people where the bathroom is and then proceed to squat down and urinate in front of everyone.

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15 years ago

is it wise to let lindsay loose in las vegas? and when did actresses get “theater cred” from vegas shows? stripping does not get your any kind of “cred”.

15 years ago

she’s a “serious” actress, ok? ever see her in that eharmony movie??? totally oscar nom there.