Lindsay Lohan talks to Ellen

Lindsay Lohan has a lot of time on her hands so she made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about the rumors circling around her split from Samantha Ronson. Lindsay said breaking up is hard when the other person doesn’t know it’s a break-up and had no idea about the restraining order.

When asked what Lindsay’s plans are now, she says she wants to get her career back. She’s producing shows and filming a movie. She also claims to be working every single day.

The only thing Lindsay is working on is trying to launch a cunning plan to win back the affection of Samantha Ronson. Step 1 is going on the Ellen DeGeneres show to say she’s doing fine while still hinting that she loves Samantha. Step 2 is drink and get laid by random dudes. Step 3 is, um, I don’t know, but step 4 is forgetting why she hatched this plan in the first place.

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