Madonna will be taking that baby, thank you very much

Madonna & Sharon Stone

Madonna has already filed an appeal to overturn the judge’s ruling that denied her adoption. Madonna’s lawyer, Alan Chinula says they were very surprised despite having the support of the Malawi government. Mainly due to the fact that Madonna has “been good” to them.

The Human Rights Consultative Committee were the loudest voice in not allowing Madonna to adopt. They say procedure needs to be followed and that letting Madonna bend the rules will give way to other people bending the rules like, um, pedophiles. Because, you know, flying to a Africa to buy a baby is a practical thing for pedophiles to do.

If you’re wondering why Madonna was denied, Us says.

“It’s a shocker, but [Chombo] belongs to the old school; she is very religious and a moralist,” a source at Malawi’s High Court tells Us. “She might not be in favor of Madonna’s lifestyle of getting in and out of relationships and her semi-nude stage antics.”

I’m glad the judge made the right decision. Now, Mercy will be able to live by a high moral standard for the rest of her life. Which will end when she’s either pounced on by a hungry lion or drowns in quicksand. At 15.

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Mihaela Radu

No wonder her behavior is as it is. Shes one of the biggest musical thieves ever.

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