Mel Gibson had help

Mel Gibson and his wife have been separated since 2006 and he’s been whoring around since then with no one the wiser. Sources say he kept his dalliances under wraps with the help of the Four Seasons Hotel where he had a room. They suggest Mel and his girlfriends were shuttled up to his room in a secret elevator. Mel’s rep retorted that that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard. NYDN thinks otherwise.

Using the service elevator is ingenious, actually. For more reasons than just to keep the affair on the DL. What better way to excite your date than to pretend she’s in a James Bond movie. Girls love to indulge in fantasy like that. That’s why whenever I go on dates, I wear a tuxedo and wildly wave my gun in my date’s face while loudly suggesting we take the action back to my place. Never once has this failed.

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13 years ago

hi mel

13 years ago

hi kann ich hier auf mel diskutieren

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