Miley Cyrus is hyper and time wasters

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  • i

    how dare you say that about miley cyrus!!!
    she is very cute and has a very hot boyfriend jeremy shum i reali luv her!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jenna

    I thought she was pretty adorable actually! Nice to see someone being themselves and having fun rather than being all guarded and pretending they aren’t actually there to promote something. I still won’t see her movie though lol.

  • amanda

    i thought miley was so cute in this video
    she was completley comfortable with herself and had fun and didnt really care what everone else thought

  • destiny

    I didnt think she wuz Crazy. I thought thought tht man wuz Tawkin alot tho. [Nojke] but ya. iz tht wuz tha show wuz kalled? [Time wasters] Or wuz they kallin Miley tht? Idc but Ya. This video wuz gud n Finally one of these stars aktually Akt Real N not fake. Thx goes to Miley 4 not aktin lyke a Fake. Luv yuh. [nohomo]
    I think tha paparazi [however u spell it] need sum’n to do instead of stalkin tha stars. Thts y u get BEAT Stupids [tawkin ta tha paparazi]

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