Moby got his ass kicked

moby cane

Moby took on a professional K-1 fighter two weight classes above him (lightweight) a few days ago. After two rounds of back and forth action where Moby twice dropped his opponent, a blocked leg kick fractured his ankle sending him to the hospital and dashing his dreams of winning the tournament. At least, that’s the story Moby would like to tell when people ask about his injury.

The real story is rather disappointing. He was overheard telling someone at the Svedka Vodka party for David Lynch’s music video for Shot in the Back of the Head that he fractured his ankle walking in the ring during a kick boxing session. Curses! Defeated by improper nutrition yet again.

[Page Six, Image: Splash News]

  • chewy

    how do you hurt your ankle walking around?? he is too fragile..

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