Monkeying around is serious business

According to a statistic I just made up, one in ten die from playground accidents each year. That’s why Anna Paquin, her boyfriend and his kid played it safe by wearing special hand guards when swinging on the iron rings.

Celebrities. They’re just like us! By us, I mean you because I don’t need any protection when horsing around on the playground.  That’s right. Unlike you and your celebrity ilk, I stare death in the face.  If I ever get close enough, I will even slap death and make him cry. Half-inch fall onto cushiony sand and potential callouses, be damned. I’m brave!

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15 years ago

too funny..u are. :)

playground accident
13 years ago

Children have a tendency to run around in playgrounds, such is their excitement about a day out with friends and the thrill of the rides. Accidents can naturally occur and your child may suffer an unfortunate injury.