Morning time wasters

I can’t get over the fact John Travolta looks like he’s going to hit up a gay club right after.

  • Lainey: Johnn Depp and Twilight?
  • INO: Kristin Davis can’t wait for the Sex and the City sequel. Finally. Money
  • Hollywood Rag: Jennifer Lopez in 2 outfits in 1 day
  • ASL: That fatty K-Fed is going to get paid to lose weight
  • The Superficial: Paris Hilton fails at being classy
  • Lossip: Gisele Bundchen has a new shoe line. Mens size 11 and above.
  • Flisted: Park Soo-Kyung not so bad
  • Celebparasite: Jessica Biel walks an enormous dog
  • WIMB: Miley Cyrus supports gay marriages, still hates Asians
  • UseMyComputer: Emmy Rossum looks a little too happy

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ugh, yeah sure that’s what american audiences need. another SPEED remake. besides I never could take travolta seriously as an actor. thanks victor. i want the 2:30sec of my boring life back from watching this shit.

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