PETA fine with Pam Anderson promoting steak house

PETA issued a statement about Pamela Anderson’s upcoming appearance at a NYC Steakhouse strip club. They have no problem with it even though steak comes from slaughtered cows, something which PETA and Pamela is vehemently against.

“Pam is not a host but may be attending as an invited guest, and since steakhouses nowadays have some of the best salad bars and veggie options around, we’re sure she’ll find plenty to eat should she attend.”

In summary, if you pay Pamela Anderson a butt load of cash, she will do just about anything. Pamela’s only pro-animal when it’s convenient. She would sell out and eat steak for a new AC unit for her trailer. People say you can’t put a price on dignity, but Pamela has a detailed chart that proves you can.

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15 years ago

Bunch of hypocritical retards.