“Powder Blue” and time wasters

  • Lainey: Someone actually gave Sienna Miller an award and it wasn’t for biggest slut.
  • Pajiba: That movie with porn star Sasha Grey gets a poster.
  • ASL: The Rock met up with the bride of Frankenstein
  • INO: The apocalypse is here. Jessica Alba smiles again!
  • Hollywood Rag: The only way you can tell this is a fake Zac Efron is because he’s not holding a dildo.
  • Yeeeah: Marisa Miller and her breasts did a photoshoot at the beach
  • Hollywood Tuna: Stacy Keibler is beefing up for that role she didn’t get.
  • WIMB: Mickey Rourke loves dogs, beers in back pocket

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thank u for making “time wasters” normal again! well at least normal to me.

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