Rihanna and Chris Brown might reunite

Rumors of Chris Brown and Rihanna still being together are swirling around. They say that even when Rihanna was house shopping she was sending detailed photos back to Chris for his approval. Now the Daily Star is saying they may even make an appearance together at an event honoring a songwriter that’s worked with them both.

Andre Merritt, who penned Rihanna’s Disturbia and Brown’s Forever, is to be feted at an ASCAP Awards after-show party in Hollywood on 22 April (09) – and both former lovers plan on being there to toast him.

If the exes do show up for the Hwood club event, it will be the first time they’ve been out in public since a late-night fight on 8 February (09) landed Brown in legal trouble and Rihanna in the hospital.

Rihanna better prepare herself. She should wear an umpire mask and come dressed in bubble wrap. It’ll be both functional and fashionable.

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Herman Bumfudle
15 years ago

this is turning out to be an episode of dumb and dumber. i hate to be the one to tell em, but its been done before.

hey, kid. just let the music do the talking.

Dale Archer
15 years ago

What are we teaching our sons and daughters? 10% of ALL women suffer some form of domestic violence, in teenagers, that rate is astonishingly higher. To make things worse, 22% of all homicides against females age 16-19 are by an intimate partner. By going back to an abusive partner without consequences you are giving tacit permission for this to happen again.