Rupert Everett has a new face

rupert everett surgery star

Refusing to age gracefully, Rupert Everett decided to get a little plastic surgery and by a little, I mean he completely replaced his face. Star explains:

According to Dr. Brian S. Glatt, founder of the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, Rupert, 49, has had a comprehensive series of facial procedures. “I think Rupert had a face-lift,” Dr. Glatt tells Star. “His cheeks are fuller and lifted, and his jawline and neck are pulled back and smoother.”

As for his forehead, Dr. Glatt says it’s simply Botox. “I think he’s definitely using it. He is very animated, and there are no lines visible on his forehead.”

The last element in Rupert’s new look, says Dr. Glatt, is a chin implant! “The shape and projection of the chin is drastically different. It’s much more pointed,” he says.

His expression probably never changes which makes sex extremely creepy. Girls (guys in this case) tend to freak out when the guy they’re doing has a perma-smile on their face. They either think that A) they died or B) they’re a serial killer. As I’ve been told, neither of those are favorable choices.

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