Sean Penn wants a divorce

There’s been loads of rumors about Sean Penn hooking up with strange so it’s no surprise that he’s filing for “legal separation with minor children” from his wife of 13 years, Robin Wright Penn. Again. The papers were filed last Friday.

Sean’s first petition for divorce filed in December 2007 was dismissed. Robin’s petition filed three days later was also dismissed at their request in April 2008.

Sean didn’t even thank his wife during his Oscar acceptance speech. He told Oprah that his gratitude was “implicit” and if he had thanked his wife, he had to thank his children, mother, etc. *Coughassholecough* Sorry, I’m a little sick.

It’s tricky deciding whether or not Sean Penn is happy about the failure of his marriage. He always looks like he’s in pain when he smiles. That’s probably because he’s like the Terminator. He has only one setting: surly. All other expressions are just slight variations of that one.


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