Shooting at Gisele and Tom’s second wedding

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady held their second wedding in Costa Rica this weekend when two photographers tried to snap pictures of the ceremony from a neighbor’s house 300 feet away. Since Gisele had an exclusive deal with a Brazilian magazine, friends weren’t too thrilled. Brady’s bodyguards called the photogs over to the house where Tom’s buddies verbally bashed the two paps. They managed to flee in their SUV but not before one of Brady’s men pulled a gun and shot at them as they drove away. The bullet shattered their back window, the bullet barely missing both their heads.

Brady and Gisele were married in Los Angeles County in February, and were renewing their vows on Saturday. Just as the photographers started snapping, the couple’s bodyguards spotted them and chased them, according to Aviles.

The pair ran back to Cortez’s Suzuki SUV, parked about 500 feet away in dense brush.

They split up as they ran away, and by the time Aviles said he reached the SUV, his colleague was already there speaking to a Brady bodyguard.

Aviles quoted the guard as saying, “Tom Brady just wants to talk to you. It’s OK, nothing’s going to happen.

But when the photographers accepted the guard’s invitation back to Gisele’s house, they were swarmed by three members of the wedding party and five hired goons dressed all in black.

The New England Patriot quarterback’s best man berated the photographers and wanted to provoke a brawl, the lensmen said.

“Take a picture of me now, you f- – -er! F- – – you,” Brady’s righthand man, whose name was not immediately known, screamed, according to Aviles.

“He was very angry. It looked like he wanted to attack us,” Aviles said. The photographers lied their way out of the tight spot — saying they hadn’t taken a single frame.

Wedding photographs are serious business. Imagine what would happen if paps tried to snap pictures of a Tom Brady / Gisele Bundchen baby if they had an exclusive deal. Bodyguards would probably rape their entire family and execute them at gunpoint.

[NYP, Image via Gawker]

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15 years ago

Is there video of it? Or have the Pats already doctored it?