The Albertina art museum got duped

DJ’s working at Kronehit radio in Vienna, Austria played a little prank by calling up the Albertina art museum to arrange a last minute private tour for Beyonce (not unheard of for the museum). Instead of the real Beyonce, who was in town for a concert, they sent a “lookalike.” I use that term very loosely.

The station had a woman call the museum claiming to be Beyonce’s manager and asking for a tour within half an hour. In the past, movie stars Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage had visited the Albertina for hastily arranged special visits.

“Her face was extremely similar, but her body was totally different,” said Verena Dahlitz, the museum’s spokeswoman said of the Beyonce imposter, after her initial suspicion had been confirmed.

A marketing manager at Kronehit radio explained that the station had hired a German singer and model for the prank.

This is who now? Beyonce? Because she’s black with light hair? Way to go Albertina art museum. They could have sent a pit bull wearing a sun hat and they wouldn’t have figured out it wasn’t Beyonce until the middle of the tour. They’d have told the press that the hat was very familiar, but they grew slightly suspicious when Beyonce started barking and chewing on the artwork.

[Images: Wien]

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