“The Brothers Bloom” and time wasters

  • Lainey: Amy Poehler’s new show is going to be pretty much like The Office. Just not as good.
  • INO: Charlie Sheen’s son has been released from the hospital. Hilarity to ensue.
  • Pajiba: Joy. Another video game made into a movie.
  • ASL: Vanessa Hudgens influenced by Lindsay Lohan. Will flash vagina… wait. Already happened.
  • WIMB: More pics of Hugh’s 83rd where he’s not asleep
  • Hollywood Rag: Courtney Love didn’t know thieves stole $750 million from Kurt’s legacy
  • Yeeeah: Kelly Brook goes racial
  • CNW: Amy Winehouse is at it again
  • Celebwarship: Brittany Murphyis going for the Meg Ryan thing

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