The day keeps getting worse

scott stapp creed

First there was the news that The Hills didn’t die with Lauren Conrad’s departure. Now there’s a report that the four original members of Creed will reunite for a summer tour and a brand new album. Scott Stapp, Mark Termonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall are expected to continue their douchebaggery in Chicago on Aug. 30.

So, if you enjoy watching that asshole Scott Stapp smugly grin at you while he asks Jesus to take him higher or just really want to throw a large cross dipped in lead at his head, then you might want to buy tickets when they go on sale May 9.

  • on the contrary, you should be totally freakin’ psyched out of your mind since they chose to come to your town, even though you brainiacs up north can’t truly appreciate this southern Christian tinged, overtly sincere rock.

    This is the BEST news I’ve ever heard…in my entire life. The one band that actually improved people’s lives by giving them a second Christ to look up to and give true hope that life can be worth living! Scott Stapp will be remembered as the songwriter of our generation, not to mention easily the best SHOW of our Millenia! Even his National Anthem soars skyscraper-height over Aretha’s inaugural rendition! I love Aretha, who doesn’t, but Scott dominates… and we should bestow upon him the honor and rock-god glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

    Wicked Celtics
    “Wicked C” if ya nasty

  • Laura

    their first album “my own prison” was the best b/c no one knew who they were & not all godly bible bangin crap. just hard rock/metal. very cool shit. then they got all “christian”& became commercialized dillholes.

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