The money is gone

Back in February of last year, Madonna managed to raise an estimated $3.7 million for her Raising Malawi charity. An impressive amount which could help the impoverished country. Now, 14 months later, the money is still unaccounted for despite many attempts to ascertain where it went.

The fundraiser had some problems, however. Even though Raising Malawi had been in business for two years, it was still not approved as a sanctioned non-profit at the time. Instead, Gucci formed its own Foundation — known as a 501 c3 — to collect the money. They brought UNICEF on board to give the event a feeling of legitimacy. But in the end, the efforts expended were for Raising Malawi, an organization founded by the Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles. Raising Malawi teaches the Kabbalah curriculum, called Spirituality for Kids, to Malawi orphans.

Now, fourteen months after the fundraiser, there’s no accounting for the money that came in. At the time, Gucci claimed that they’d underwritten the entire event, that $3.7 million had been raised and that it had been split between Raising Malawi and UNICEF.

But since then, the Gucci Foundation has still not filed a Form 990 tax statement, and neither has Raising Malawi. Calls to Gucci haven’t provided any information, and calls and emails to Raising Malawi haven’t been returned.

Clearly the $3.7 million has already gone to help poor Malawians. Malawians by the name of David who live in Madonna’s house. David, once living in poverty, now has a gigantic diamond ring sized for Madonna’s finger and a bunch of designer purses which he can use in high school if he so chooses. That David sure is lucky.

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