Weekend recap

Lindsay kicked out of even by Samantha Ronson: Lindsay and Sam may be really broken-up. Samantha Ronson explicitly banned Lindsay from a party at Bar Marmont celebrating her fashion designer sister Charlotte Ronson’s I Heart Ronson clothing line. Lindsay, knowing she was unwelcome, still tried to get in but was held back by five bouncers. They needed that many because they would only touch Lindsay with three fingers like you would a pair of soiled underwear sitting under your bed for two years.

Madonna left Malawi: Madonna left the African country after throwing a farewell party on Saturday. Guests included government officials and staff from Madonna’s charity. On Sunday, she boarded her plane and left proving to Malawians that it takes about 15 shamans to scare away the white witch.

Farrah Fawcett’s son arrested again: While his mom is lying in the hospital, Redmond O’Neal was arrested for drug possession. He was charged with smuggling drugs since he was caught in the jail parking lot. On the bright side, this time it wasn’t a father-son arrest. Which means they’re making progress or daddy is getting really good at hiding drugs.

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