Woody Harrelson is going to choke a bitch

Woody Harrelson attacked a TMZ photog for the second time on Wednesday. The first incident came in 2006 when Woody broke a TMZ camera and choked the cameraman.

On Wednesday, Woody was at La Guardia airport when a photog started asking him a few questions. Woody shoved his camera in his face and took it from him. TMZ continues:

Our photog says Woody smashed the camera to the ground, breaking it. Harrelson then picked the camera up and began walking away with it. The photog followed Woody, claiming he was assaulted and demanded that Woody return the camera. That’s when Harrelson attacked again, striking the photog repeatedly and grabbing his neck. Our cameraman shot the action with his flip cam.

Just once I’d like to see a photog defend themselves when they’re attacked and not cry like a little girl. I guess they can’t sue, but it would be pretty sweet to see Woody Harrelson acting big and tough punching a guy and then the guy turns around and knocks him out with an elbow. That or when a celebrity starts going off, karate chop them in the throat. That should shut them up pretty quick.

TMZ has both videos here.

[Image via Splash News]

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