Zac Efron attempts humor and time wasters

  • Bossip: Halle Berry still looking younger than Lindsay Lohan
  • Drunken Stepfather: Mel B had her peep show. AH was there
  • Asylum: Celebs who must have mustaches
  • Holy Taco: A tribute to girls washing cars
  • Pop Sugar: Bono is legendary, shirtless
  • FHM: Mm, omlettes
  • IDLYITW: Amanda Bynes almost wore something appropriate
  • AB: OctoMom wants a reality show
  • EB: Ashley Tisdale refuses to mature
  • Attuworld: Jumping without a rope or how to get fat and look retarded at the same time

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Tom O'Leary

Zac Efron isn’t funny but at any opportunity to see Vanessa Anne Hudgens, I’m there.

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