“27 Club” and time wasters

Is that the teacher from the “90210” reboot? How do I know who the teacher from the “90210” reboot is? Uh, hey. What’s that behind you?

  • Lainey: Diane Kruger has a Basterd day
  • INO: Spencer Pratt continues to demonstrate his inability to rap
  • Hollywood Rag: Cher to star in “Burlesque”?
  • ASL: Whitney Port is a little pitchy
  • The Superficial: No one wants to pay Paris Hilton’s $100k appearance fee. Haha, dumb bitch.
  • Lossip: That Demi Lovato loves South America. They have the best blow
  • Flisted: That Chinese Sex Park was destroyed :(
  • Celebparasite: Scarlett Johansson can blow
  • WIMB: The Kardashians were defaced again
  • UseMyComputer: Holly Madison shows up at the T-Mobile party
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