Ali Lohan’s hectic schedule prohibits her from attending real school

Are you wondering why Ali Lohan, 15, is always out being whorey with Lindsay rather than being in bed so she can go to school the next day? Well, Dina Lohan will tell you why. Because Ali has a career, baby, and Dina isn’t about to let something like an education get between her and her next cash cow. Dina explains: “I’m a firm believer in staying in school, but in the business, it’s gotten difficult for Ali to be in school.”

Yea, Dina actually used the term “the business.” To many, that would mean show business which in turn would mean having a steady job in film. To Dina, that means vacationing in Hawaii and having paparazzi take pictures of you in a bikini surfing and walking the red carpet with your equally unemployed sister. I think Dina and the rest of the world are working off of two very different definitions.

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14 years ago

I want to know you?