Ann Curry dared to touch Brad Pitt

Ann Curry interviewed Brad Pitt for Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds and started asking him questions about his personal life which made him real uncomfortable. At the 6 minute mark, Brad asked her to move the hell on. That’s after Curry kept putting her grimy paws on him hoping to capture the essence that is Pitt. Make no mistake about it. The only reason the interview was so stilted was because she was raping him with her eyes. You could actually see Brad’s brain file a police report.

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14 years ago

eegads, she is awful here!!! soooooo trying too hard and not letting brad really shine. i seriously think she is in the wrong line of work. meanwhile brad is the very picture of coolness. maybe up against that no one stands a chance to appear cool at all. except for aj, of course….