Ashlee Simpson may be pregnant again

Shock! Horror! Ashlee Simpson could be pregnant again if this report from Star is to be believed. A source told the mag that Simpson is “just a few weeks along” and is happy, but wants to keep the news a secret for a few months.

Ashlee also thinks this second baby could bring Pete and her closer together, ie. keep him home and not in Vegas dancing with strippers. Pete, on the other hand, isn’t ready for a second child. He values his time with strippers and thinks another kid would tie him down and keep him stuck at home all day which, coincidentally, is exactly what Ashlee wants. Besides, how will Candy with the double D’s pay her way through college without Pete around? Think about it.

Anyway, to purge your mind of that image of Ashlee Simpson pushing out another Pete Wentz baby, here’s Megan Fox in ELLE.

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I hope this proves to be a false rumor.

14 years ago

WOW Megan Fox… Ashlee what?

14 years ago

another baby, right? trap the man then he’ll stay these simpson sisters are so pathetic and desperate for their men to stay with them