Betrayer, thy name is Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is supposedly best friends with Jennifer Aniston but she was caught having a gay old time chatting up the enemy at a Chris Cornell concert Sunday night. Cox with husband David Arquette were at the Willtern Theater when they ran into Brad Pitt.

“Instead of ignoring him, Courteney chatted away with Brad all night. The three were in great spirits and seemed really happy to see each other.”

Traitor! Cavorting with the enemy, are we? Jennifer is going to have something to say about this. And don’t think she won’t drop Brad Pitt’s name a few times during the conversation and emphasize how over she is about the whole Brad Pitt dumping her for Angelina thing. Because she is. The only reason she talks about him all the time is to let everyone know she’s fine and that shrine she keeps of him in that spare bedroom is only there because it’d take way too much work to tear it down. Like, an hour, at least.

No, but really. You’re dead to Aniston now, Courtney.

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14 years ago

Who gives a s**t!