Bijou Phillips cheated on her fiance with a chick

Bijou Phillips is engaged to Danny Masterson (That 70’s Show). Although, you wouldn’t have known it if you were at Ecco Ultra Lounge last Saturday. Phillips was dancing to some mix by Carmen Electra’s DJ fiance when she started grinding some blonde girl.

“It wasn’t long before they took things further,” said our source. “Eventually Bijou grabbed the girl and they started making out and getting it on … Danny (Masterson) was nowhere to be seen.”

Somehow, I don’t think Danny Masterson is going to mind this. If my girlfriend started making out with hot chicks by the DJ booth, I’d start to clap slowly like they do in the movies and hopefully in a few short seconds, the whole club would erupt with thunderous applause. I imagine other guys would be patting me on the back and popping open bottles of champagne in my honor.

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