The only thing Katy Perry has going for her right now is her big tits. Although, she could parlay that into mega fame and fortune by claiming to like one night stands and experimenting with girls. Did she though? No. She decided to go the complete opposite direction in this interview with Complex.

Speaking of the gossip blogs, you’ve been linked to people who seem very different from you. [Like Josh Groban and Benji Madden, to name two.—Ed.]
Katy Perry: If you have dinner with someone or happen to be at the same restaurant that the person is at, you’re either best friends or you’re bumping uglies. That’s just how it goes. I mean, I never hooked up and dated in the first place. I’m [into] a very one-woman, one-man type of situation; all the boyfriends I’ve had have been for at least two years, and I’ve only had like four boyfriends.

Why do you think the number is so low?
Katy Perry: For me, it’s not a pastime, going out and meeting people and trying to hook up with people. That actually makes me feel disgusting. From a really early age, I was really sensitive to that. I mean, I love a good game of eye-fucking. Of course.

Who doesn’t?
Katy Perry: [Laughs.] Getting your flirt on is the best thing in the world, but when it comes to sharing bodily fluids with a person I don’t know, no thank you. Disgusting! Even if that’s saliva, you know? Some people don’t brush their teeth.

You’re not a bad girl, just a free spirit. Your parents would be proud.
Katy Perry: My parents raised me strict, but they raised me with a good foundation and sense of integrity. They had their wild-child heyday, and they definitely needed to find God and I think that they’re a lot more rock ‘n’ roll than anybody makes them out to be. My dad has four tattoos, but they all say “Jesus,” just in case you forget the first one does. One says “Jesus” in Hebrew, one says “Jesus” in calligraphy, one is like a stamp. So you know, they’re very cool. Of course they don’t agree with some things that come out of my mouth, but that’s been the case since I learned how to talk.

Katy Perry doesn’t like one night stands, isn’t into kissing strangers and doesn’t like to share bodily fluids (read: doesn’t swallow). What a sexy story this turned out to be! To make these accompanying pictures equally as sexy as this interview, we should digitally insert Benjamin Franklin flying a kite and Abe Lincoln wearing his top hat. We’ll have to leave out Martin Luther King giving his “I Have a Dream” speech though. We wouldn’t want to overdose on sexy.

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14 years ago

Boring interview, I agree. But dang she looks hot in those pics!