Update: Carrie Prejean has topless pics

carrie prejean topless1

Donald Trump will today decide whether or not to strip Miss California Carrie Prejean of her crown. To make that choice a little more difficult, TMZ has released 15 more pictures of Prejean with her tit hanging out taken just last year when she was 20. Obviously, she can’t use the excuse that she was young and naive like she did that previous photo. Especially since these were taken for a “professional photo shoot”. One that she forgot to mention to pageant officials.

In Prejean’s defense, she may have been doing this for a worthy cause. Namely, that Tits for Jesus foundation I started a few years back.

Update 8:40 AM: Donald Trump lets Carrie Prejean keep her crown. Carrie explained the new photos above as “being taken in between pictures on a windy day.” Trump said that there was a miscommunication between Carrie and the pageant. He also said those photos were risque, but lovely and that he’ll whack off to him when he gets back home.

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