Carrie Prejean is still lying

Yesterday, Miss California Carrie Prejean held a news conference to discuss important world issues. Namely, those photos she took one time for Bliss Magazine in which she exposed a breast. Prejean claimed that the photo was taken in between shots and that a stiff breeze blew her top open. Millions of people nodded their head and said “uh-huh” sarcastically. For good reason.

The photographer, Dominic Petruzzi, informed TMZ that Carrie did it “spontaneously” during the shoot. That the weather that day was “normal” and that “she was totally posing and looking into the camera.” Carrie even commented on the shots saying she liked them.

Prejean also noted on The Today Show that there could be more racy photos surfacing as long as there are photographers who want to cash in on her fame.

So, first Prejean said the initial photos were taken when she was young and naive, but then it turned out she wasn’t young or naive. Then another set of photos come out and she blames it on a wardrobe malfunction. She might as well tell people everything she did at this point. Like, did she do any girl on girl videos for when she really needed the money. Because she should admit it if she did. In the interest of full disclosure, of course. *crosses fingers*

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