Chris Brown and Lil’ Bow Wow are convincing

Chris Brown took to the internets to promote his album yesterday and to tell everyone that he’s “not a monster.” (Because a monster, say Bigfoot, would have totally killed Rihanna if it beat her) Lil’ Bow Wow concurs and wants us to “beleev dat.”

Brown then made a second video concerning some rumors on “blog sites” about his black eye. He says these “blog sites” are being untruthful in their ways. Specifically saying, “You guys lie! You guys are liars!” He also makes sure to point to his eye to show there is no black eye. Lil’ Bow Wow once again concurs. Bow Wow ends the video with, “Liars. Liars. Liars. Yeaaaa!”

I don’t know about you, but Chris Brown has thoroughly convinced me that all these “blog sites” are liars and, ergo, he must have not beat Rihanna that bad. She just bruises easily I guess. Like ripe fruit. Glad he cleared this up for us.

Chris should think about bringing Bow Wow to his court hearing. Parroting whatever Chris says and then following it with a “Yeeeeea!” really works!

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