Danielle Lloyd left a bloody mess after club brawl

Usually, you want stories describing a catfight between Danielle Lloyd and two 20-year-olds ending with them ripping each other’s tops off and making out. Alas, it was not to be.

Last night, Lloyd got in a catfight with two 20-year-olds dancing on the back of the VIP sofa she was sitting on. One of them accidentally kicked her prompting Lloyd to get up to give her a piece of her mind. One thing led to another and they started punching and slapping each other. Eventually, Danielle fell off the sofa and fell through a glass table.

Her leg was badly cut up and Lloyd’s boyfriend, Jamie O’Hara, and another girl’s boyfriend were restrained by bouncers. Jamie was later thrown out. The Sun describes:

As she lay on the pavement, Danielle was heard shrieking: “My leg, my leg.” She needed stitches to a “serious” back wound as well as cosmetic surgery on her limb.

“Danielle sustained a serious wound to her back which required stitches upon arrival at hospital.

“She went in theatre yesterday afternoon and stayed in hospital over night.

“The operation on her leg was successful.”

Real life is nothing like the celebrity fan fiction I write. In my version, Danielle Lloyd would be fighting Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie in a tub of chocolate pudding. The winner would have been given the opportunity to blow me. Now that I think about it, brawling in dessert and blowing me is how most of the books in my series end.

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14 years ago

she needs to learn how to fight. or she could’ve sought out the manager and informed him of the undesirables dancing on her VIP sofa.