David Cross shouldn’t be doing this in public

Maybe this is because the best and most recent memory of him is from Arrested Development, but David Cross always looks like he stepped straight out of a gay club. Like he should be clad in leather and led on a chain leash instead of making out with Amber Tamblyn, who’s 19 years his younger, which he was doing last Thursday night at 2A in the East Village.

Page Six spotted the 45-year-old actor in a lip-lock with 26-year-old Amber Tamblyn at East Village watering hole 2A Thursday night. Although other bar patrons were wide-eyed over the PDA, Tamblyn’s 20-something friends, including Alexis Bledel, didn’t bat an eyelash. We guess they’re used to it.

I still can’t picture it. I just tried, but this time, not only is he dressed in S&M gear and attached to a leash, he also has a ball-gag in his mouth and is hopping out of a bedroom with his feet tied together trying to scream for help. For whatever reason, my brain can’t even imagine Amber Tamblyn within 100 miles of him.

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