Dennis Rodman pulls a dine and dash, sort of

Dennis Rodman denied allegations that he skipped out on a $1,000 bill at Gansevoort South in Miami. However, one night later at Philippe in the same hotel, Rodman did the same thing. Only this time it wasn’t so much a dine and dash as it was a get plastered and stumble out of the restaurant . Page Six has the details:

“He was so wasted he couldn’t carry a sentence,” said one witness. After consuming $1,500 worth of food and drinks, “Dennis sneaks, or I should say stumbled, out of the restaurant. Then, his friends start leaving . . . until the manager picked up on it and presented the bill to the last three guests at the table.” After many phone calls, and the arrival of police, the bill was paid.

How can anyone miss a big, dorky looking, drunk retard staggering out of a restaurant in the same hotel he pulled this stunt on the night before. Sure, he might look a little menacing with his height, piercings and tattoos which makes it look like there’s a good chance you’ll be raped if you say anything, but he’s sort of famous so you’d at least get some money out of it if the next day you wake up lying naked next to him in bed wearing nothing but a wig.

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14 years ago

He Has Done this to me!!!!! i work at a restraunt/bar in Newport theat he frequents, now i just refuse to serve him and i make him go to the bar or have managers serve him! NEVER LEAVES A TIP EITHER!