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shirley jones marty ingels

75-year-old Shirley Jones, mother on The Partridge Family, is willing to pose nude on Playboy. Her husband/manager Marty Ingels is dead set on making this happen against everyone’s will. He said, “she’s still drop-dead gorgeous, and at the age of 75, a natural beauty. I’m her husband, and I think it would be sensational. Mature women are relevant.”

Someone get Marty Ingels to the hospital. He may be senile. Mature women, as he calls them, are only relevant in that you should visit them every month to reminisce of days past. You don’t strip them of their dignity (clothes in this case) and put their prune-like body on display in a magazine for thousands to see. I’d rather watch Michael Jackson dance naked with a mannequin through a window than see this.

  • Things move on and print just isn’t where it’s at

  • AlanOne7

    Playboy is a victim of its own success. They wanted porn to be stigma-free and easily available, and they got it. Thanks for the trail-blazing, now your job is done.
    Oh, and Eggos are disgusting. Learn to whip up a batch of waffles; it takes five minutes.

  • Sinead McGowan

    I still wank it to Azaelia Banks

  • Daemon Calibos

    And they actually bought the lie that we were buying it for the articles.



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