Hayden Panettiere loves sex

I’m sure I’m reading too much into this, but Heroes star Hayden Panettiere really loves sex and wants it all the time like right now for instance. Hayden was overheard at a Highline Ballroom show (whatever that means) talking to a friend about David Duchovny’s sex addiction. Page Six reports:

A giggling Hayden told her friend, “Well, if I had to be addicted to something, it would be sex!”

In that case, I want to be Hayden’s enabler. It wouldn’t be a one-way street either. She can learn a lot from me, like, how to stifle tears before orgasming.

Here she is getting real friendly with her Heroes cast mate/dad on the show Adrian Padar. Based on this hug, I can safely assume that they’re totally doing it.

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14 years ago

Adrian Pasdar is married. If he were having an affair with his barely legal costar, I think he’d be a little more discreet — so Natalie doesn’t take all his s**t in the divorce if for no other reason. My guess is she’s just a huggy person. We all know someone like that.

14 years ago

Well at 17 she was screwing the 30 year old dude on the TV show & now at 19 she is being jumped by a 44 year old? What’s next year for stumpy, Hugh Heffner’s tiny tot toy?