I get the feeling it might be over between Rihanna and Chris

Just in case you couldn’t have figured it out when Brown repeatedly punched her in the face, Rihanna’s new single, Silly Boy, with some unknown singer [corrected], hints that her relationship with Chris Brown may be over. A sampling of lyrics include:

I said I’m not coming back, it’s it
You fooled me once but you cant have that ego turning
Just to bad for you, that when you had me
Didn’t know what to do, she’s over you

You comin’ with those corny lines
Can’t live without me
I’ll get some flowers for the day that you are buried
No, people make mistakes
But I just think your ass is fake
Only thing I want from you, is for you to stay away

Hm, okay. But how does Rihanna really feel? Does she want him back or not? She needs to clarify. It’s really confusing with lyrics like “I’ll get some flowers for the day that you are buried.” If she hates him so much, why is she getting him flowers? Weird. I can never understand why women say I’m bad at taking hints. Have they ever realized that maybe it is they who are bad at giving hints.

  • Nate

    Dem’s some meaty thighs on her there.

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