Is Justin Gaston really this retarded?

Details interviewed Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, and asked him a bunch of fruity questions to which Justin gave fruity answers to. My favorite bit is where he says his favorite piece of clothing from the shoot was a white shirt he thinks God wove and sent to him through his angels. In a close second was wanting to be a lap dog so he could be petted all day when asked who he’d trade places with.

Does anyone else think he’s deadpanning this or have we found the world’s dumbest male model. Once you finish deciding, go on Twitter and call him a dumbass. If I heard correctly, he seems to like it when people do that.

  • snapnhiss

    I’m thinking he’s just goofing for the interview, but it doesn’t really matter since that boy’s so purty he don’t need no brains.

  • RMarie

    With that face and body….He is exactly as smart as he needs to be.

  • Dexter Sinister

    If male modeling ever stops working out for him he will do very well in the “being a speed bump” industry.

  • Brooke

    … you know, I always thought this guy was a sick creep for dating a kid. But now that I’ve seen him speak? Never mind. He is mentally just right for Miley.

  • Suckon’em

    yep, another fucktard.

  • Emma

    is it just me or does he kind of remind you of the jonas brothers? haha silly miley your boyfriend is a dumbass. wow. perfect match.

  • David P

    body and face by God, brain by Mattel

  • This is one of those lame ass articles that thinks that celebrities are anything but regular people. He’s just a regular guy in his 20s who sounds like a regular guy in his 20s. Granted, he may not give us the solution that that ever-elusive nuclear fusion problem, but to say he wants to be a lap dog makes him stupid.. is a pretty pretentious thing to say. Given the choice I wouldn’t mind being a lap dog either.. and yes.. I think he was being a little over dramatic when he said his shirt was sent down from angels. But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t being literal ( which is more then I can say for some of the Christians I know who take advice from a 2000 year old dead guy ) cut him a break.. he sounds like a pretty cool dude and he’s not hurting anyone. BTW.. North Korea just set off a Nuclear Bomb.. so maybe we can pay attention to something else Captain Judgemento.

    • Find me a normal 20-year-old that talks like a 14-year-old girl dreaming of becoming a fairy princess.

  • Liz

    Meh. He seems sweet. You seem like a douche.

  • – B

    everybody knows you never go full retard…

  • Anonymous

    what a cruel joke it is on humanity to be pretty and a completely empty head…

  • Please, he doesn’t even have an IQ in the double digits.

  • lol

    She loves him for his mind.

  • kay

    He kind of looks like a young Bill Ray Cyrus which is really gross.

    He makes my head hurt, like the guy is such an idiot,

  • anonymous

    Shirts sent down from heaven with angels… and we’re not supposed to be mean to him? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? There is no way this guy has a triple digit IQ, no way, even with the angels, he’s a doof. Busted Grillage is the only thing be him and abject poverty. I wonder if he has dreams about bad teefs and bit off dicks, now that would make some sense.

  • jess

    Get him some Fleet stat!

    He is totally full of shit.

  • tufe

    somebody’s looking for a sugardaddy

  • broker

    This tool wants Johnny Depp to play him in a movie???


    What a delusional turd.

  • matt

    The only reason he has ANY paparazzi around him is because he’s with an underage tween star.

    So if he’s that “scared” of them, he could break up with her and go back to obscurity.

    Oh I’m sure Johnny Depp would jump at the chance to play him in a movie too! WTF??

  • cara

    Woah. There is stupid, really stupid, and then there is Justin Gaston.

  • Whatever

    I think he is dumb and full of it.

  • A

    I tried to watch the video; I really did, but when he said he thought God wove the shirt he wore and that it was sent to him by angels I had to stop. I seriously think my brain is melting…

  • RJ

    He almost has crazy eyes, but I think they are just rattling around in his empty air head.

    Totally vapid or smoking crack. He almost makes Chris Brown an intelligent human being.

  • -.-

    he will never be John Lennon don’t even compare him to that retard

    • -.-

      don’t even compare this retard to gasston

      • -.-

        don’t even compare this retard to John Lennon -.-

      • anonymous

        lol to john lennon

  • .


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