Jon & Kate plus 8 equals divorce

jon gosselin drunk

Kate Gosselin’s oh-so-loving brother, Kevin Kreider, filmed an interview with RadarOnline claiming that Kate’s marriage with Jon is over and has been for a long time. Kevin says six months ago Kate went up to Jon and told him it’s over. The only thing keeping their trainwreck marriage going is money and fame from the reality show and a secret contract.

Kevin also says Kate has hopes of becoming a talk show host. Hey, just what the world needs. More talk show hosts.

Honestly, I don’t know anything about this show except that eight in the title means they have eight kids. Which sounds boring. If I wanted to see eight kids, I’d go to the orphanage. I’m already there every Wednesday to pick out my human chess pieces anyway.

  • Amy

    I think Jon should leave his bitch of a wife Kate. All she does is degrade him and critisise everything he does. She needs to open her eyes and her ears and start taking some responsibilty for his cheating ways. If I had to listen to constant bitching all day i would look else where too.

    • connie

      i could not agree with you more.i can not believe how she treats him it is utrageious…i think she is money hungry

  • claire

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    what happened to you is a set up by the devil. kate. please consider the children. i raised three alone. it was hell. jon, you were set up. she was not after you she was after a story. and if she is a teacher what is she teaching the children???
    how to catch a married man, and burn his soul and his children in hell???
    lets hear more about this so called date that you went on.??? dont protect her because she knew you had 8 children!!!!!! she should never have had tried to entice you to her fruit tree. i would band her from any school for the sheer fact that she was in your wifes garden she is a snake killing seeds. think about that why was she after you??? it was a set up money to be made from a story. and death to a family!

  • claire

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    • Vyrquenox

      Uh, I am not sure you speak for your fellows, and I don’t call myself a red man, I am not sure Jesus or Thomas Jefferson had anything to do with pornography, and I hope your hate filled mind finds peace without the bitter oil you secrete damaging others.

  • Marion

    I would not call kate a B**** because she is just doing whats right for the family and the kids… I mean I am saying that that I know john didnt do the things that kate thinks he did but…. I think kate is doing this because they are fighting alot and its good for their family

    • A

      no if you have watched the show from the begining you would have seen what an aweful person she is not only to her husband but to everyone she is mean and rude and if you watched the show last night it wasnt her decision it was jon’s. people should be sticking up for the kids not their mother. they are the ones who don’t deserve to go through this!

  • Vyrquenox

    Oh, and God bless the United States of America. I’m a bit sick of people laughing at the idea while completely open to channeling evil spirits for fun.

  • sunnyd

    I think fame has gone to Kate’s head. She likes the money & publicity. She has spent lots of $$$ on her hair, tan, personal trainer, clothes, etc. compared to when the show first started. She puts Jon down all the time and is very demanding of him.

    I think Jon hates the publicity and just wants a family. He probably feels left out as well since Kate is the one writing the books and doing the book tours while he quit his job just to stay home with the kids.

  • Jbtoday

    I think Clair is right. If this woman had any good intentions they were for her self. She saw the $$ signs and thought only of herself. She needs to find her another job. She wouldn’t be teaching my children. They need to fire her…… She gets away with murder and the Gosselin kids loose a father. I think he wanted out long ago. He could get out and do his thing. I think that he was doing what he did long before the six came along.

  • I think that Kate has a very good outlook on things and she will be just fine.She is a very strong lady and i think that bothers some people but, she is a survivor and will come out of this an even stronger lady at the end.I know this because I too have been down the road that she is now having to face on her own.I beleive the family will be alright due to they have a mother that cares so much for her children and she has been the back bone of the family all along.

    • TC

      Are you kidding me?! You have not seen the clips of Kate interacting with her children. She is short tempered and mean with those children and I wonder what things will be like in that home without Jon. Kate reminds of those women I see who have children but, really don’t want them.

  • kimberly aciz

    sorry kate , jon and u should get back togher becuse u love him, and he love u

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