Kardashian’s Dash store targeted by gang, maybe

dash store vandalize

Uh oh. The Kardashian owned clothing store Dash in Miami was vandalized by a gang. They graffitied the wall and etched their gang signs into the glass. Khloe Kardashian assures everyone on her blog that none of them were the target because there was no way to know they were vandalizing the Dash store as it’s location has been kept a secret while they’re filming their show. However, these narcs filed a police report anyway.

Random act of vandalism or something far more sinister? Could it be an illiterate who discovered what the building was actually being used for and decided to deface it? Could be. Could it be Khloe Kardashian who did it because she can’t even fit into any of the dresses they sell and that makes her sad because it’s her own goddamn family’s store? I think that’s the most likely possibility.

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