Katherine Heigl isn’t worth $3 million

Katherine Heigl is full of herself. Apparently, New Line realizes this and has dropped her from the ensemble cast of Valentine’s Day after she demanded $3 million for her role. To put things in perspective, neither Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Shirley MacLaine or Bradley Cooper asked for nearly that much.

Reps for Heigl deny this calling the story ludicrous and say that this was just part of the negotiation process. Also, Katherine wasn’t dropped, she left for “multiple reasons.” New Line had no comment.

Katherine Heigl is lucky she was even considered for the part and that no one else has been typecast as the shrill, annoying, chemically imbalanced girlfriend whose faults are overlooked only because she has a huge rack. She’s got that market cornered.

Heigl at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this year.

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