Kelly Ripa does the bikini thing

Kelly Ripa was in Miami over the weekend where she put on a bikini and dazzled everyone with her hot abs and freaky bellybutton. What’s her kid doing swimming with his shirt on though? Does he have body image issues? The quickest way to resolve that is to strip him naked and throw him into the deep end. That’s how I overcame my fear of being shirtless in public and developed a natural distrust of people. I should write a parenting book.

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13 years ago

Rumor has it that Regis jerks off on her abs 3 times a week. She rubs it all over and it is a fat burning agent Regis is now in talks with scientists trying to replicate his fat burning jizz and get it to market as soon as possible. The early name favorite is: Regis Magical Fat Burning Jizz.